25 People That Are Not Afraid To Kiss After Oral

Ahhhhh, oral sex. There’s nothing quite like it. The feeling of someone going down on you, and hitting all those sweet spots until you just explode! Whew, getting hot just thinking about it!But once you and your partner come up for air, do you go in for a little smoocharoo? Some people would be like “EW, no thanks. I don’t want to taste my stuff.” But others would be like “Yahhhhh shove that tongue down my throat!”Maybe it’s a maturity thing, but isn’t it a little cray to say no to a kiss from someone that just performed some magic on your privates?

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They did all that work, so would you really refuse to kiss them? Even if you don’t like the taste of your own stuff, it’s little selfish to be like “thanks but no thanks.”So get past your own sh*t, and always kiss the mouth after kissing down south.

These 25 peeps know exactly what we’re talking about. They value a smooch after some quality oral, and never judge a mouth for what its just sucked.

These 25 people always kiss after oral sex:

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